Monday, May 12, 2014

More Practice

The attachment now fits perfectly in the hole.  We printed the clip and the base separately to make them both stronger, and we just used acetone welding to connect them together.

We also added a piece of tape (for now) to the back of the attachment to hold the iPod in better.

Practice Prints

The attachment was too big for the hole, the earbud holders were too thin and one of them snapped off, and the earbud chord wrap-around thing was too small for the buds to fit.  So I scaled down the attachment to fit the hole, got rid of the wrap-around and replaced it with a clip, that also holds earbuds between its' side and a reinforced tower like above.

The case was too long, and the iPod could slide out through the hole, so I added a rounded lip to hold the iPod in place and keep it from sliding out.

Monday, April 7, 2014

3D Printable Chess Set: Rook, Knight, Pawn

 I made the base in tinkercad, but created a circle in illustrator and created the crown with a pen tool.  I then saved it as an .svg and imported it and fit it to the base.

The pawn I made entirely in TinkerCad

I simply, imported this outline of a knight as an .svg, and added it to a base that I made in TinkerCad.