Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Corporate Identity: Squeegee Gnomes

Squeegee Gnomes!
Black Stroke, No Color

Black Stroke, With Color

No Stroke, With Color

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Corporate Identity: Brainstorm

  1. Olympic Gold Dog Walkers
    1. Give your dog the ultimate workout, by having Olympic gold medal winning track stars take your dog for a run.
  2. POW! Energy Shots
    1. Do you ever get tired during the middle of the day? Do you feel like you cannot focus on your work because all you can think about is sleep? POW! Energy Shots give you a tasty and "healthy" boost of energy you need at any time of day that will last for hours, with only a few "minor" side effects, including, tongue irritation, headaches, sleep insomnia, mydocardial rupture, hair loss, pregnancy, and superhuman powers.
  3. Chet Burrows: Bottle and Jar Opening Extraordinaire 
    1. If you've ever had a hard time opening a bottle or a jar you know that it is a stressful and even dangerous thing to struggle with.  With Chet Burrows: Bottle and Jar Opening Extraordinaire, you will struggle no more! Call his toll-free number and he will be right over to open your bottle or jar for the price of the contents of the jar or bottle, plus a travel and labor fee of $10 per mile traveled and $5 per 30 seconds spent on the job.
  4. Squeegee Gnome
    1. Stand in the cold to clear snow off of your car no more! With the Squeegee Gnome, you can sit in your warm car while your own personal Gnome clears off all of the snow and ice from your car.  (Must feed Gnome once a week, clean litter box regularly, and keep on a leash, as they do bite.)

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